LGS believes that the futures belongs to digitally literate individuals and to that end, both branches of LGS Multan have state-of-the art computer labs equipped with smart boards to facilitate learning through interactive programmes. A well-equipped science lab at the Junior School provides a discovery based environment to younger children while the Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs at the Senior School conform to strict CIE standards and enable the students to consolidate their theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical experience.

The libraries are a testament to the importance placed on reading. From Enid Blyton to J K Rowling, from Jane Austen to Harper Lee, the LGS libraries cater to the diverse reading needs and abilities of a large student body. A special reading area is set aside for the pre-school children’s story time.
The Junior School has a specially designed Activity Room, home to the latest Montessori equipment, toys, a DVD player and a large television where the children not only learn through play but also enjoy their favourite cartoon movies and documentaries.