Lahore Grammar School Landmark Project


The Lahore Grammar School, Landmark Project comprises of a large number of co-educational institutions committed to offering quality education to middle income families. The decision to make the Landmark Project schools co­ educational is a conscious one  as LGS believes that providing a healthy and safe environment for both sexes to interact is crucial; so that they are better able to understand and deal with each other as equal members of society. LGS Landmark schools admit children from a large cross-section of society, in order to instill and encourage tolerance and respect for others.




The Management of LGS rests with the Board of Directors. The Board meets regularly and has an Academic Council from amongst its members to propose, devise, implement and supervise academic and educational policies relating to the school system.



Mrs. Nighat Ali                Director / Member   LGS Board of Governors

Mrs. Meena Gul...............Academic Director Landmark Project 

..........................................Regional Director for Gujrawala / Faisalabad






About Us


The emphasis at the Landmark Project schools is on child-centered learning, where the child is encouraged to explore independent discovery and  natural curiosity is channelized towards the surrounding environment. LGS Landmark schools offer a range of co-curricular activities, as the school philosophy entails the holistic development of a child's personality and individuality. Activities such as singing, computers, art, sports, video viewing and educational field trips, are very much part of the curriculum. It is hoped that young adults graduating from the Lahore Grammar School, Landmark Project, are able to compete for a place in the top ranking institutions of higher education within the country and abroad.


Network of Lahore Grammar School Landmark Project

  • 289-II-C-I, Township Branch                             Playgroup - Class I

               Tel: 35157290-35157291


  • 24-Pak Block Allama Iqbal Town                   . Playgroup – Prep


               Tel: 37800663-37800644


  • 27-G, Sabzazar Branch                         ............Playgroup - Class V


               Tel: 35461850 - 37490431


  • 197-Iqbal Avenue Branch                 ............   Class III - Class IV


               Tel: 35182197 - 35183197


  • 286-II-C-I, Township Branch               ............Class III - Matric & O Levels (Boys)

               Tel: 35110631-35110693


  • 39-College Block Allama Iqbal Town              .Class I - Class III


              .Tel: 37804876-37804877


  • 27/8, Block A, Valencia Town              .........  Playgroup - Class V


          .....Tel:35224704 - 35224784


  • 09-C-II PGECHS, LHR                              .........   Class V - Class VIII


               Tel: 35189066-35189060


  • 273-274-II-C-I, Township Branch        .........  Class II - Matric & O Levels (Girls)

             Tel: 35114690-35111953


  • 103-A, Muslim Town    ...............................Class IV-Matric & O Levels    (Co-Education)

..Tel: 35860066-35912211


  • 136-H-DHA-EMECHS Branch            ............  Playgroup - Matric & O Levels


               Tel: 37512464-37512465-66


  • 02-Hanif Park Canal Bank Harbanspura        Playgroup - Class V


              Tel: 33523953-36523954


  • 845-N, Poonch Road Samanabad     ............ Playgroup-Prep


....Tel: 37588818-37589592


  • Canal Road Near EMECHS                      ........   Playgroup – Prep


      ....Tel: 37511486-37511487


  • 16-B, Shalimar Link Road Mughalpura   .......Playgroup - Matric & O Levels


.... Tel: 36845569-36846657


  • 07/A-N, Samanabad Branch                  ........  Class I – VI


             ....Tel: 37586365-37586366


  • 88-C-II, Arif Jan Road                             .........   Playgroup - Class V


        ....Tel: 36654701 - 36684965


  • 85-C-II, Arif Jan Road                 .....................Class V - Matric & O Levels


             ....Tel: 36662430-36660013


  • 373/A - C-Block Faisal Town  ......................  Playgroup-Class VI


......Tel: 35165666-35165691


O’ Level Campuses

    .... 85-C-II, Arif Jan Road                              
...........Tel: 36662430-36660013

  • 136-H-DHA-EMECHS Branch             

Tel: 37512464-37512465-66

  • 16-B, Shalimar Link Road Mughalpura     

Tel: 36845569-36846657

  • 103-A, Muslim Town      

Tel: 35860066-35912211

  • 273-274-II-C-I, Township Branch

...........Tel: 35114690-35111953

  • 286-II-C-I, Township Branch

...........Tel: 35110631-35110693


Registration/ Security & Admission

•     All students seeking admission at a branch of LGS, Landmark Project, must register in advance. Date for entrance and interview is intimated later by telephone. Both parents are required to come for the interview.

•     Admission is based strictly on merit, availability of seats and sibling preference.

•      A non-refundable Registration Fee, must be deposited at aspecified bank. Once admission is confirmed, a refundable Security. and a non-refundable Admission Fee  is charged. All dues must be paid within the due date; otherwise the admission will be cancelled.

Fees/Clearance Certificate

• Tuition fee is charged on a quarterly basis except for senior classes i.e. Matric, O' Level, A' Level, and must be deposited at the specified bank within ten days of issuance of the fee bill. A fine of Rs.25/- per day will be charged if the fee is not paid within the first ten days of the concerned quarter. If the student is absent for more than two weeks and the fee is not deposited, the student's name will be struck off the rolls.

• Students appearing for Matric, O' Level and A' Level examination are required to deposit the fee thrice a year for the Jan-April, May-Aug and Sep-Dec terms. Examination entries and final clearance certificates by the institution will be issued subject to the clearance of the school dues.

• If the student's fee is not paid for a month in the absence of prior written approval, the student will be considered withdrawn from the school. Prescribed charges will be taken on re­ admission.

Fee Deposit & Withdrawal
• Please note that payment of all fees should be made through specified banks. Payment of fees made in any other manner shall not constitute payment and LGS shall not be responsible for payments made or claimed to have been made in any manner other than in the specified bank.

• Fee must be deposited in full for refund of Security Deposit and School Leaving Certificate, on the withdrawal of a child. Security will be refunded within six months of withdrawal only if the dues have been cleared.

At School


• All students are expected to be regular and punctual. A student must apply for leave before absenting oneself from school. In case of illness, a medical certificate must be submitted.

Identity Cards

  • To ensure every child's security, I D cards are issued to all freshly admitted students. If a parent/driver comes to pick up a child without an ID card, a fine of Rs.25/- will be charged.

  • Should an ID card be misplaced, a duplicate will be issued on a written application from the parents only and Rs.100/-will be charged.

  • The School Management will not be responsible for the child's security if parents keep duplicate ID cards.



• Tests are held on a regular basis to enable teachers to assess the student's progress and understanding of lessons. These tests are kept informal and stress free up to Class IV. Promotions are based on class performance, class tests and monthly tests. From class V upwards students are promoted on the basis of bi-annual examinations.
Tutorials & Remedials

• Remedial work is suggested to students as and when the need arises by the school. Tutors and similar help from outside is discouraged since this adds to the confusion and stress on the child.


• lnter branch transfers within the same city can only be approved by the concerned Directors.
• lnter city transfers will be accommodated according to vacancies available in branches.

Extra-Curricular Activities
•As our philosophy entails the development of a well-rounded personality, we lay particular emphasis on extra-curricular activities.  The LGS, Landmark Projects, offer Sports, Karate, Music, Art and Computers.
•Field trips are organized on a regular basis in order to inculcate of spirit of both fun and learning.
•Theme Days, research work and project work are also an important part of our curriculum, as we believe that they help the children to gain a better understanding of lessons that are taught.

General Rules
• It is important to instill a healthy respect for time, therefore children are expected to be punctual.
• Parents will be notified promptly regarding any change in the timings through office    circulars.
•  After school hours, children will be under supervision of a teacher for half an hour only. Please ensure that your child is picked up promptly .The school will not be responsible for any untoward incident after the specified timings.
• Please follow traffic rules to avoid congestion and traffic jams in front of school  gates.
• Uniforms are compulsory for children of Classes 1-Matric I O' Level and can be obtained from shops specified by the school.
• Children of Playgroup, Nursery, Prep are not required to wear or be in the uniform, but should wear comfortable clothes with practical shoes. High heeled shoes are not allowed. Make up and jewellery is discouraged.

Teacher Training Programs
At the LGS, Landmark Project schools, teaching faculty is encouraged to improve pedagogical skills and teaching methodologies through periodic Workshops, Seminars and In-Service Training Programs.

Parent / Teacher Meetings
Regular meetings between parents and teachers ensure a relationship of mutual trust and is considered essential for the overall development of the students.

  • A formal Parent Teacher Conference is held twice a year. All problems and queries regarding students may be discussed during these conferences. Parents may also meet teachers after school on designated days or by appointment. Please contact the School Office for further details.

  • An appointment must be sought from the School Office to see the Principal.