Reading is actively pursued at the school and students are encouraged to access books, journals and electronic resources. The facilities and equipment  of the school library are organized in such a way that they support learning within the pedagogic goals of the school. Students are guided by well trained staff  to further research and study for school projects.

Science Lab:

The well equipped Science lab is a place where students show their maximum interest. It allows them to participate and learn in a safe, hands- on environment which is highly motivating.

Computer lab

Teaching today has its challenges, especially teaching computer and information technology skills. The School offers an excellent computer lab for learning in a 21st C environment. No child is considered too young to tackle the challenge of the ‘information age’ and students take to computers as easily as a duck takes to water.


The School auditorium has excellent multimedia, sound system, proper lights and a stage, perfect for presentations and functions.

Video Room

A favourite with Pre schoolers for viewing animated movies. Senior students are offered a large choice of informative documentaries and classical movies.

Play area

Playing outside is not just about letting off steam. It is a vital part of childhood that helps children to develop physical strength, coordination and balance. The School offers a wide variety of safe activities which young children can enjoy.