Mrs. Nighat Ali??????????????? Director / Member?? LGS Board of Governors

Mrs. Meena Gul?????????? ?? Academic Director Landmark Project?


Mrs. Yasmeen Naeem ....Principal


Ms Adila Ijaz

(Coordinator III-IV)

Ms Asma Meeraj

(Coordinator Pre-School)

Ms Faiza Kashif

(Coordinator I-II)

Ms Rukhsana Shafiq

(Coordinator V-VII)

Ms Tahira Sundeed

(Coordinator VIII-XI-O)


About Us

Lahore Grammar School Shalimar branch is proud to announce that it started its journey with just a few students from classes I to V on 15th August 2003. Running a school in this area is not an easy task but when one determines to achieve an aim nothing appears daunting. Whether it is the main stream or the landmark project of LGS, both share the same vision “ Ilm Say Dil O Damag Roshan” “ Knowledge Enlightens the Heart and the Brain”. To turn this vision into a reality LGS does not compromise on the quality of teachers because only through passionate teachers a system can achieve its mission statement. It is through the joint effort of the administration and the teaching staff that this branch has travelled a memorable journey of eleven years and still miles are to be covered. We have now upgraded our school to XI-O and are dealing with IX-M, X-M as well. With every passing day we as a team are establishing our position and winning the confidence of our parents. The veracity of this statement may be verified by looking at the number of students which is multiplying at a rapid rate. The total count of the students is 1100.

To import knowledge the school has a multimedia, a properly furnished and well equipped computer laboratory where students are facilitated to use internet to get their required information and to explore further information regarding the assigned topics. We have a proper purpose built science laboratory and a peaceful library where every year a good number of books is added as per the choice of our avid readers. Our Montessori section has a properly trained staff and EPL exercises and resources are used to develop the sensory motor skills of our students.

We not only aim at enriching the minds of our students with the wealth of knowledge but believe in empowering them for the life ahead. We empower their brains with knowledge and enlighten their hearts with values and morals. To inculcate this, every year in-house as well as inter branch curricular and extracurricular activities are conducted so they may develop organization , time management, motivation, team spirit,? listening, speaking and writing skills. Besides all this these colourful activities help them to broaden their outlook towards life and they learn the art of living a life by respecting the point of view of the opponent and establishing their own stance maintaining the element of dignity but rightly using breitling replica the power of solid argument. All these activities develop in them confidence and they exercise their freedom of expression and speech. If one walks through the memory lane of past eleven years he may see that in the yester years we have provided opportunities to our students in the form of student council Elections, declamations, music and art competitions, musical evenings, class parties, colour days, seasonal activities, culinary activities, pet days, fruit days, annual get to gathers, trips, quiz programs, reading and writing contests, annual sports days, annual plays, carnivals, spring galas and school magazines.

Not only the students are provided the best opportunities to learn and grow, the teachers are equally provided the plat form to hone their teaching learning experiences and upgrade their skills to impart the knowledge in true spirit.