Yellow Day

Color Days
Yellow and Red Colour Days were celebrated to introduce the colours to Playgroup Class. Children and teachers wore dresses accordingly and the pre-school block was decorated in the same colours.


Teachers’ Day


Teacher’s Day

World Teacher’s Day was celebrated on 5th October’2015 at our campus. The students organized the whole event. They delivered speeches to honour their teachers and paid gratitude to them. They also presented beautiful cards and flowers and cut a cake amid a huge round of applause.


Elections were held in school for Student Council. Nominations were done from Grade 5 and 6. A proper set up with ballot boxes and booths created an atmosphere of real elections.
Head Boy: Shariq Anwar                                                House Captains: Maaz Shahid
Head Girl: Easha Tir Razia                                                                        Alina Usman
Deputy Head Boy: Ahmed Rizwan                                                           Rashda Basit
Deputy Head Girl: Alizay Nadeem                                                            Abu Bakar



World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated on October 16th worldwide. The same event was held on our campus on 30th October. The purpose was to inculcate the awareness in children regarding the importance of saving food and sharing it with the needy. Children held discussions under the guidance of teachers highlighting the importance of reducing wastage of food to feed the needy.


Pet Day
Children brought their pets from home and shared their knowledge about them with other children
Different means of transport were introduced to the children. A road scene was created inside the campus. Children learnt about the traffic signals and some common road signs. They enjoyed a ride on a rickshaw, motorcycle and bicycle.