Lahore Grammar School Model Town has been on the scene for almost 20 years now. It has come a long way since then. Starting with 50+ students in the 1st year today LGS Model Town has over 1200 students from Play group to O level. We owe our success to the concerted efforts of management and faculty working painstakingly to attain higher standards of academics every year.



Director   Mrs. Nighat Ali

Member, Board of Lahore Grammar School


Rubina Zahir

About Us

All 3 branches have well equipped libraries, state- of- the- art computer labs and spacious play and sports area.

For effective teaching and learning process to take place in the class room a teacher is the single most important factor. Hence, there is a great focus on developing the skills of our staff members so that they can impart the educational concepts effectively.

At LGS, we lay a great deal of emphasis on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) through formal and informal training sessions. Consequently, our teachers are qualified and well trained. 


1.LGS 14 K


Playgroup to grade III (Pre juniors)

Vice Principal

Rubina Rana


Amra Younas

Academic Coordinator

Amina Malik ( PG, Nursery, Prep)

Academic Coordinator 

Farzana Yakoob ( Classes I - II)

Academic Coordinator 

Ayesha Naveed ( Class III)

Contact Numbers: 

92 42 35858014


2. LGS 18 K


Grade IV to VI (Juniors)

Branch Head

Munira Siddiqi


Uzma Riaz

Contact Numbers: 

92 42 35855140


3. LGS 137 E (O-Levels Branch)



Grade VIII to XI (Seniors)


 Darakshan Mahmood

Academic  Coordinator

 Farah Faisel ( VII – VIII)

Academic  Coordinator

 Nosheen Feroze O Level (IX - XI)

Contact Numbers: 

92 42 35850384 / 35801551



Parent / Teacher conferences are held each term. Parents who wish to see teachers or coordinators regarding their child’s progress may seek an appointment from the school office.
School Rules


All students must be punctual and regular.
            The following rules are to be observed:

  • School gates close exactly at 8 : 00 a.m.            A fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged from late comers.

  • No student is allowed to stay in school premises beyond half an hour after school ends.

  • New I.D. Cards are compulsory for all students from September 7, 2015. No child enters or leaves school premises without it.

  • School office must be notified for leave of absence. A medical certificate is required in case of sick leave.

  • One month notice in writing is required for the withdrawal of a child to qualify for refund of security money and school leaving certificate.

  • Any child absent for more than two weeks without notification is liable to be struck off the rolls. Re-admission fee will be charged.

  • No birthday parties are allowed in school.

  • Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school. If any student is found with a mobile phone, it will be confiscated.

  • Uniform code must be strictly observed.

  • Nail polish, jewellery, expensive items or large sums of money are not permissible. School authorities are not liable for any loss.

  • The student’s name must be clearly marked on all belongings.

  • In case of damage or loss to school property by a child, a fine may be imposed.

  • The decision of the Director and School Administration is final in all matters.





  • Stationery for Playgroup to Class Prep is provided by the school

  • Notebooks for Classes 1- O Level are provided by the school

  • All text books and related material is available at HY store.