Lahore Grammar School (Landmark Project) Samanabad, Lahore opened on 25th January, 2010.The newly acquired building spreads over 3 Kanals. It offers admission in classes from playgroup to class 1 initially. It provides children a start in the playgroup and intends to offer a good opportunity for children to mix with other children of a similar age and increase their independence before they start 'big school'. The management is always pleased for parents to visit the school premises with their child and view the facilities.It is ensured that every child enjoys his or her time at school and feels secure and cared for.


  • To create a happy, stimulating environment where children will be encouraged and motivated to explore, discover and learn.
  • To introduce young children to a wide range of area of experience using practical learning opportunities appropriate to their ages and stages of development.
  • To build positive relationships with parents so that we may support them in fostering the emotional, physical and social development of their children


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