Lahore Grammar School for Boys, Gulberg and Shadman Branches have a commitment to quality education and aim to assist students in developing skills as well confidence in their own abilities. We value each student as an individual and encourage each student’s strengths to elicit optimum performance.


Mrs. Nighat Ali         Director/ Member  Board of Governors LGS


Ms. Ayesha Amir         Regional Head/ Principal






Our Mission:

LGS  (Boys) is committed to provide an education of excellence that meets each students’ interests, abilities and needs within a common curricular framework which reflects and promotes a tradition of life-long learning & educational innovation. We aim to cultivate values of respect and integrity; and help students participate within national & global communities.

Our Values:

•             Providing quality education through quality teaching in a supportive and discovery based environment.
•            Nurturing future global leaders who are responsible citizens not only within their own national boundaries but have no difficulty in adjusting to a digitally literate,  global work ethos.

About Us

LGS 39- Main Gulberg

LGS 39- Main Gulberg  ( Primary School) is one of the pioneering branches of the Lahore Grammar School network aiming to provide quality education of international standard. Designed as a boys’ school the branch started operating in 1993 with a relatively small student body till Class VII. Over the years, it has grown tremendously reflecting our unequivocal commitment to education. Today,  LGS 39- Main   has a student body of over 1000 boys from Prep to Class V.
The school  has always taken the initiative in meeting the diverse needs of its students. Hence, providing support through a child counsellor to introducing e-learning- 39 Main lives up to its core values of offering a customized, well rounded curriculum ensuring preparation of students to meet the challenges of the 21st  C.  39- Main has always been in the lead with its alumni studying in the best universities of the world.

Middle School (Boys) 173 Shadman II, Lahore   

Located at 173 Shadman II, Lahore; the LGS Middle School is a centre of learning, innovation and creativity. We aim to nurture young minds by focusing on the intellectual, social and emotional needs of our students. The school  also functions as a  gate way to help students select their career paths early. It prepares them for the challenges of the competitive world by offering the Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations; thus setting up bench marks for the upcoming O-Level programme. The programme is supervised under the experienced Vice Principal  Ms. Kiran Sarfaraz supported by  Mr. Zaeem Javaid.
Aiming to achieve ‘Excellence’ is the hallmark of school.

Senior (Boys)  42- B- Gulberg III, Lahore


Music and art studios, library & media centre, performing arts theatre, swimming pool, gymnasium, aerobics lounge.

Academic Programmes

O Level

Offering one of the best O- Level Programmes in the city, our senior team inculcates social responsibility among students by allowing them to actively participate in community work, while promoting analytical thinking among young students through challenging class exercises and activities.
The Senior School is highly cognisant of its  responsibility towards students as well as their parents. It offers extensive career guidance and provides exposure about professional opportunities in various academic fields to allow students to make informed decisions about their future. We aim to develop future leaders of society with intellect and a sense of compassion.

A Level


In the spirit of constant innovation and qualitative educational practice; apart from offering a unique A- Level programme;  Lahore Grammar School 42- B- Gulberg III, Lahore;  takes great pleasure in introducing the ‘A Level Placement Class’ initiative.
The concept has been introduced for the first time in Pakistan and focuses upon a select group of achievers with proven success in academics and co-curricular activities. The school aims to hone confidence building, public speaking, analytic and expressive skills of its students even as it enhances exposure to social awareness and international affairs. In particular,  students are trained to analyse problems critically through research based modern teaching strategies. The initiative improves student skills incrementally by training them to excel in the CIE A Level exams with its attending advantage of securing the best college placements, both locally and internationally.

The school offers a well-structured and rigorous international education with diverse subject combinations and the promise of best university placements. The A-Level programme at 42- B- Gulberg III, Lahore has been a huge success in a very short span of time.