Registration, Security & Admission



Fees/ Dues and Clearance Certificate

  • Students appearing for the A levels examination are required to deposit the fee four times a year from Jan- April, May-Aug and Sept-Dec terms.

  • Examination entries and final clearance certificate by the institution will be issued subject to the clearance of the school dues.

  • If the student fee does not pay for a month in the absence of prior written approval, the student will be considered as withdrawn from the school. Prescribed charges will be paid on re-admission.

  • Due to inflation and other related factors, LGS may, at its option, increase the fee, tentatively, by 12-18% at the end of each academic year.

  • Fee of the first quarter (Jul- Sep) is non refundable.

Fee Deposit and Withdrawal

  • All payments of fees must be made through the specified bank. Payment in any other form is unacceptable and LGS should not be responsible for payments made or claimed to have been made in any manner other than at the specified bank.

  • Fee must be deposited in full for refund of Security Deposit and School Leaving Certificate, on the withdrawal of a child.

  • Security will be refunded within six months of withdrawal only if the dues have ¬†been cleared.