Facilities, Resources and Services

Design and Textile facilities

 LGS 1/A-1 is the only school in Lahore, offering Design and Textile as an A’ Level subject. To facilitate interested, creative cohorts , LGS has constructed a  customized Design and Textile Lab supervised by professional Fashion Design faculty. The studio offers individual sewing stations, display mannequins and fashion design tools.

Food and Nutrition Lab

A state-of-the-Art Food and Nutrition Lab with multiple preparatory stations and cooking ranges allows students to cook, display and taste some of the culinary delights prepared by students under the supervision of a qualified nutritionist.  

Media Studies Lab

Our school is one of the very few in Lahore offering Media Studies as an A’ Level subject. A specialized Media Lab with cameras; a projection system and individual computers allows students to work under qualified faculty to create magazine covers/ prints/ videos and blogs.

Information Technology/Computer Studies

Our hi tech, computer lab caters to all enthusiasts who are interested in Information Technology Or ‘Computer Studies’. The lab is fitted with around 30 computer systems and has noticeable features such as internet, printer and scanner access, multi-media projector and screen.

Common/Reading Room

Students have  access to fully air-conditioned and furnished Common and Reading Rooms. 

The Auditorium

An air conditioned 300 seat multi purpose auditorium with professional technical facilities is available for assemblies, performances and debates.

Sports Facilities/Gymnasium

A swimming pool with the best swimming equipment and separate changing rooms, is
an ideal place for our girls to refresh themselves, especially in the hot summers. 
A  gymnasium equipped with the latest machines is a personal favorite of many of our
girls to exercise, and stay fit.

Library Resources

The air conditioned library offers a variety of books on all topics, ranging from novels (classic literature as well as the works of modern day writers) to reference books, and dictionaries. Specific  A’Level resources include past papers of all subjects plus computers with internal facilities. A qualified librarian is always on duty to help students source new material.

The Cafeteria

The A Levels  cafeteria extends over the entire rooftop of the campus building and provides
shaded and outdoor seating.