Update on the Issue of the Harassment Charges from the Director’s Office .

In light of the recent highlighted allegations that have been brought to the attention of Mrs. Nighat Ali, Director Lahore Grammar School, the services of the four following accused employees have been terminated with immediate effect:

1/ Mr. Aitzaz Rehman Sheikh (A Level Faculty Member)
2/ Mr. Zahid Warraich (A Level Faculty Member)
3/ Mr. Umer Shareef ( Support Staff)
4/ Mr. Shehzad Irshad (Custodian Staff).

Further to this, the services of Mrs Shakil (Principal 1A-1), Ms. Maira Omair Rana (Administrator 1A-1), Ms. Rubab Hassan (Co Ordinator 1A-1), have also been terminated as of immediate effect.
Moving forward a full committee has been formed to investigate these above stated allegations by the student body.
Lahore Grammar School reserves the right to pursue all legal avenues if these above parties are found guilty of any mis conduct, to ensure that such instances are never repeated again.



Mrs Nighat Ali
Director Lahore Grammar School



About Us

At LGS, we believe that education as a process is neither restricted to lecture halls assessments and grading nor is it limited to the sports played on the fields or the
performance on stage. In effect, for us, education is more than the sum total of its parts. It is essential that we understand that education layers itself in various ways: in values, morality, patriotism and faith in humanity. It is what equips us with the ability to make a difference not only ourselves but also our surroundings, society and ultimately the world.

We therefore, invite you to think of LGS as a place of self-discovery and self actualization, where no child is left behind. Here, students will have the full support of our faculty as they pursue excellence in their academic and personal life. We hope to instill in ourselves and our students, a sense of responsibility as citizens of Pakistan even as we arm ourselves with knowledge and wisdom for the challenges that lie ahead.



Advanced Levels are a UK public university entrance examination and are recognized worldwide. The programme lays the foundation for the in depth preparation required for competitive higher education degrees and invariably make the transition from school to university/college easier for most students.
At LGS 1-A-1, the A-level Section is an autonomous unit , recognized by the Directorate of Cambridge International through their local representative, the British Council Lahore. The two year program focuses on specialist knowledge, insight and academic skills.

LGS 1-A-1 has been awarded ‘Cambridge Fellowship Status’, in recognition of the outstanding commitment demonstrated toward the Cambridge syllabus and assessments indicators.
Studying at 1/A-1 does not mean simply learning to memorize and reproducing the required subject matter. We train students to acquire academic and inter personal skills in subjects of their choice even as we encourage them to develop aesthetic and cultural sensibilities through a strong co curricular base.

Individual guidance is provided by a qualified guidance counsellor to mentor students when needed.


Our students benefit from the close personal attention of teachers who are dedicated experts in their academic field. Our acknowledged and proficient teachers ensure that the courses at LGS 1/A-1, comfortably bridge the gap between secondary and higher studies.

Rules and Regulations

? The reporting time is 8 o’clock in the morning if there is a class before 11 am, or 11’ o clock in case of a class after 11am.
? Students are not allowed to leave until 10:30 am irrespective of individual timetables. Once a student leaves she will not be allowed to re-enter the school premises.
? Regular attendance is mandatory. Failure in maintaining 85% attendance may result in inability to appear in CIE as a regular candidate.
? The School has a no tolerance policy for bunking. Missing classes will result in suspension. In case a student misses a class in the morning, she will not be allowed to attend any classes after 11 am.
? If a student is to stay behind after school hours she will be supervised for no more than half an hour. Parents must ensure that their daughter is picked up promptly. Furthermore, the school takes no responsibility beyond these timings.
? No carpooling is allowed without an application signed by a parent and a copy of the NIC to cross check signatures.
? Use of mobile phones is NOT allowed. Students may use the school telephone.
? Dress code: Students are to be dressed modestly. Tights, jeggings, short tops are NOT allowed. No makeup, expensive jewelry or expensive designer bags are allowed.
? In the case of student requiring leave from school, a written application and/or a medical certificate (in case of illness) is to be submitted.
? Each student will be issued a bio metric school ID card for signing in and out. It should be carried by the student at all times while on campus.
? A student’s promotion from A level first year to second year depends on the result of monthly tests, term test, attendance and class assessments.
? Please make sure to follow traffic rules outside the school’s premises to avoid unnecessary inconvenience to other people and maintain proper decorum.