We welcome all parents and students to Lahore Grammar School 42-B/I Gulberg III Lahore. This is a co-educational institution from Tots to  Prep class.
LGS offers a safe, custom built school campus with Science and Computer Labs, Art, Singing and Story Telling Rooms, a well stocked Library and a special play area for Tots.




Mrs. Nighat Ali      Member, Board of Lahore Grammar School





Maisoon K. Aziz


Head  Yasmin Omar Adil
Assistant  Tona Dubash
Student Counsellors Rabia Usman
  Moneeza Hashmi

About Us

For a detailed and comprehensive introduction to the School, please refer to the printed School Prospectus which may be collected from the School Office at the time of Registration.  
  • LGS faculty comprises of experienced and competent teachers who are constantly being trained on the job through periodic training programmes and skill development workshops.
  • Co-curricular activities like computer, music, singing, aerobics, dancing, art, sports, gymnastics (in school gym), puppetry, video viewing, field trips and other related activities are an integral part of our academic programme and are essential for every child to attend.
  • We know there is a world of knowledge on the internet which opens up enormous vistas of information and knowledge for users. Children who have a sound knowledge of computers have an advantage in their classes because they have access to this virtual world of information and can also do their projects and assignments online.  At LGS, our preschool children learn to work a mouse and play interactive games before they learn to read or write their ABC’s!
 Learning how to use a computer before going to senior school/college helps students with the building blocks of computer usage and sometimes even programming. This is especially important if one plans to pursue higher studies in a math and/or science related field.


  • Children are promoted to the next grade by the Promotion Committee (PC). Please refer to the School Prospectus for details of composition of the PC.
  • Assessments are held throughout the school academic year which is spread over three terms. Please refer to the School Prospectus for details of assessment procedures.

At School

  • The child’s name should be clearly marked on all belongings (lunch box, school bags and clothing items).
  • All books and stationery are provided by the school.
  • LGS believes in encouraging parents to contact the school to discuss academic issues. Parents/Teacher conferences are therefore, held thrice a year. This is  the ideal platform for a discussion of, and seeking solutions to student issues.
  • Parents who wish to see their child’s teacher are required to make an appointment for one of the following designated days:











12:00 p.m.
12:30 p.m.


12:30 p.m.
1:00 pm


12:30 p.m.
1:00 p.m.

    • All appointments with teachers must be made at the Front Office.
    • An ID Card is essential for collecting your child from school. Please note that due to security reasons it is imperative that any person not having the ID Card of the child must have a note from the parents or guardian granting permission to pick up  the child from school.  Duplicate ID Cards will only be issued on written request in case the original ID Card is lost or misplaced.
    • The School  issues  stickers for cars that come to pick up students which is issued only on receipt of a  ‘Documentation Form’ which must be submitted to the School Office. Stickers are issued for one academic year only, are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Stickers issued for a particular car may not  be used for any other vehicle. Stickers are to be pasted on the top left hand corner of the front wind screen of the car and be visible to the security staff at the school entrances.
    • Punctuality is essential. The School expects that parents will cooperate  with the administration in both leaving and collecting students to and from the school on time. Students who come late in the morning will be fined.

Special Services

  • To facilitate  parents who have older children at other branches/schools with longer school hours resulting in either the child being picked up late or the parent or child having to wait in uncomfortable circumstances outside schools to pick up their older children, LGS offer a 'Sibling Club'. Students waiting to be picked up will be looked after from their home time to 1:45 by school designated staff. This time is used for meaningful activities like Story Time, educational games, reading and a project based discussion daily. The School Office may be contacted for details and registration of the student should parents wish to avail of this facility.  There is a nominal charge per month for this service.

Absences / Withdrawals

  • Any leave of absence must be notified to the School Office. A written application with the name of the child and class attended should be sent to the School with a medical certificate in case of sick leave.
  • One month notice, in writing, is required for the withdrawal of a child to make the student eligible for refund of security money and issuance of a School Leaving Certificate.