At School

  • Every child should be in uniform. School uniforms are only available at the “HY School Store”, situated within the school premises.

  • School books are available at “HY School Store” situated within the school premises. For queries contact   Ph: 0333-4548884 (Ali Adnan), 0300-8461908 (Muhammad Shahid).

  • Wearing of nail polish, earrings and rings in school is totally discouraged and are against the school guidelines. Expensive items and large sums of money should not be sent to school with the child.

  • The child’s name should be clearly marked on all belongings (lunch box, school bags, and swimming gear).

  • Moneeza Hashmi is our Student Counsellor with whom parents may meet,  on any working day by appointment only.

Special Facilities 

Computer Studies

Children who have a sound knowledge of computers have an advantage in their classes because they can do their projects and assignments online and also benefit from the world of knowledge on the internet which opens up enormous vistas of information.
We as most educationists feel that computer education is like a young child taking piano or hockey lessons. If a child starts early enough you might well end up with a computer genius!   It helps to determine which information is correct and which is not. It opens a whole new world of knowledge that may not otherwise be there.
It is important to remember that in schools and colleges, students have to use a computer in most classes for simple homework problems or more complex tasks such as  writing a research paper.
For learning with a computer one has to understand logical syntax in order to make things work properly. Ranging from typing in a simple web address in the internet's browser or creating a complex problem; children who undergo different typing exercises at school level develop a good knowledge of keyboard usage and make less syntax mistakes.
Learning how to use a computer before going to senior school/college also helps with an understanding of the building blocks of computer usage and sometimes even programming. These skills are especially important if one plans to pursue a math and/or science related field at the higher education level.

LGS Sports Houses  

Sport houses have been named after birds of prey for their special characteristics. Each Bird has certain special features which if present in a player would make him/her a better player on the field and an asset to the house.


Eagle is the name of the largest and the most powerful birds in the world. Eagles look fierce and proud and hover gracefully high in the air. They have finely attuned eye sight which is a quality players must have to anticipate the opponent and be able to target the goal with accuracy and alertness.
Motto:  Eye on target


Kestrels are brightly coloured birds that face the wind and beat their wings while watching the ground for prey. They are known for staying in one place in the air while hunting and being consistent and agile. Agility is another quality a player must have to be able to move around swiftly.
Motto:  Quick in the field


Swift is a small bird that can fly for hours with its long, strong wings and can capture insect/food while flying. Swift is known to be the fastest flier and speed which is one of the most important attributes a player should have.
Motto: Quick as lightning


Falcons are found in a variety of habitats throughout the world. It is an exceptionally powerful flier, again a quality a player needs to possess. Power in movements to strike, hold and kick.
Motto:  Charged with Power



  • If a child is absent for more than two weeks and the fee is not paid her name will be struck off the rolls.

  • Any leave of absence must be notified to the School Office. A written application with the name of the child and class attended should be sent to the school with a medical certificate in case of sick leave.

  • One month notice, in writing, is required for the withdrawal of a child to make the student eligible for a security money refund and a School Leaving Certificate.

  • The School  issues  stickers for cars that come to pick up students which is issued only on receipt of a  ‘Documentation Form’ which must be submitted to the School Office. Stickers are issued for one academic year only, are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Stickers issued for a particular car may not  be used for any other vehicle. Stickers are to be pasted on the top left hand corner of the front wind screen of the car and be visible to the security staff at the school entrances.

All  requests for information regarding a child’s progress or appointment with teachers must be made at the Front Office.